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Environment & Heritage

While focusing on creating innovating and enriching experiences for our guests, employees, and partners, we are equally dedicated to establishing and managing meaningful business practices for the protection and preservation of the environment and positive contribution into its long-term sustainability.

Our efforts are centralized around the following key areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management
  • Education and engagement
  • Responsible purchasing
  • Heritage preservation
  • Environmental policy

Environmental Policy

Our aim is to achieve an appropriate standard of care for the natural environment of all the activities in which we are engaging, from design and construction to the operation of our facilities, consistent with technical and economic feasibility.

It is the policy of Absheron Hotel Group and its affiliates, that technical, managed activities and operations in the company are carried out in compliance with statutory requirements that protect and cause minimum impact on the environment. This policy is of direct concern to all managers, employees and colleagues who are in turn accountable to our owners and stakeholders, including communities. 


It is recognized that all employees as individuals have a major role to play in protecting the quality of our environment, and the company will communicate regularly with all its associates concerning our aims and individual responsibilities pertaining to the environment. Absheron Hotel Group and its affiliates actively provide for, encourage, and support the training of employees to act in accordance with this policy.

We also identify, monitor, and manage risks arising from our activities; seek ongoing improvement in design and production processes; inform our customers and business partners of our aims; and communicate with the community and government about the potential environmental impact of our activities.

Absheron Hotel Group and its affiliates seek the combined efforts of all colleagues, business partners, and neighboring communities to ensure the effectiveness of our environmental policy as well as the preservation of the historic and cultural heritage of the countries we operate in